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107 Melbourne FC Písně & amp; Football Chants

Fotbalový tým hrající v AFL, Australia

5371 Grand Old Flag The MFC Club Song Seznam stop
6572 No History And they know it to Seznam stop
11211 Melbourne!!! The old AFL classic Seznam stop
16418 Everywhere We Go They just wanna know...
16429 Field at Jolimont Classic tribute to the late legends
16506 We Hate You Hawthorn, We Do tell it like it is
16516 Forever and Ever They know its true
16737 Those Were the Days look at the past and future
17361 Liam Jurrah, Jurrah! Sung to que sera sera. A chant for jumping liam jurrah
17574 It's Melbourne FC Telling it like it is
  Premier League Betting
17807 Collingwood Most Hated in the League If they sing sinking to us we sing back
17884 MFC Horto Magiko The MFC version of the Horto
18118 Sing North Stand Another for when they go quiet
18194 We Won It 12 Times Sung to teams with less than 12 flags
18253 Kick It Goalpost (Aaron Sandilands) Taunting Aaron Sandilands the loping goalpost
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